* Secondary/Adjunct Appointment
S: Indicates Secondary
A: Indicates Adjunct

Faculty Name
Contact Information
Roberson, Paula K., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Office: RAHN 3226
Phone: 501-296-1556
Email: robersonpaulak@uams.edu
Bimali, Milan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: RAHN 3210
Phone: 501-686-8204
Email: MBimali@uams.edu
Chen, James J., Ph.D. *(A)
National Center for Toxicological Research
Email: jchen@nctr.fda.gov
Elsalloukh, Hassan, Ph.D. *(A)
Associate Professor
UALR Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Email: hxelsalloukh@ualr.edu
Golbeck, Amanda L., Ph.D.
Office: RAHN 2258
Phone: 526-6611
Email: agolbeck@uams.edu
Landes, Reid D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: RAHN 3224
Phone: 501-526-6714
Email: rdlandes@uams.edu
Lee, Jeannette Y., Ph.D.
Office: RAHN 3212
Phone: 501-526-6712
Email: jylee@uams.edu
Moore, Page C., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: RAHN 3216
Phone: 501-526-6724
Email: pmoore@uams.edu
Ounpraseuth, Songthip T., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: RAHN 3220
Phone: 501-686-7233
Email: stounpraseuth@uams.edu
Selig, James, P., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: RAHN 3222
Phone: 501-526-6723
Email: jpselig@uams.edu
Senner, John W., Ph.D. *(A)
Assistant Professor
Arkansas Department of Health
Email: john.senner@arkansas.gov
Wan, Fei, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: RAHN 3218
Phone: 501-686-5353
Email: fwan@uams.edu
Whiteside-Mansell, Leanne, Ed.D. *(S)
Office: NLR VA
Phone: 501-686-7633
Email: whitesidemansellleanne@uams.edu
Williams, D. Keith, Ph.D.
Office: RAHN 3214
Phone: 501-526-6721
Email: williamsdavidk@uams.edu



Cook, Wendy L., BS, Executive Assistant
Gauss, C. Heath, MS, Research Associate
Gokun, Jane Yevgeniya, MS, Biostatistician
Lensing, Shelly, MS, Statistician
Parkhill, Grace G., BA, Business Manager
Siegel, Eric R., MS, Research Associate
Spencer, Horace J. (Trey), MS, Research Associate
Thostenson, Jeff, MS, Research Associate