%COMPARE_CONTENTS: This macro produces a comparison listing of the variable names included in each SAS dataset from a list of datasets.

%GLM2X2: This macro runs a 2×2 GLM model producing a convenient 1-page summary including all pairwise comparisons and test for normality and equal variance.

%GLM2X2LOOP: This runs the %GLM2X2 macro and searches for a transformation that will provide normality and equal variance. Uses %GLM2X2.

%IBYJ: This macro produces a convenient summary table of an I by J PROC FREQ with Chi-square and/or Fisher’s Exact test results.

%NORMALTEST: This macro provides the results of a test of normality. Used by %TWOSAMPLE.

%TWOSAMPLE: This macro produces a convenient table of a two-sample t-test, conducting tests and choosing the most appropriate test to report: equal variance t-test, unequal variance t-test or Wilcoxon rank-sum test. Uses %NORMALTEST, %UNISUM, and %WILCOXON.

%UNISUM: This macro produces a dataset of univariate summary statistics in a format that is more easily manipulated than the ODS data set Summary produced by PROC MEANS.

%WILCOXON: This macro provides the results of the Wilcoxon rank-sum test. Used by %TWOSAMPLE.