Jennifer (Xiaofei) Chi, M.S.

Biostatistician, Department of BiostatisticsJennifer (Xiaofei) Chi, MS


Contact Information

Office: RAHN 3221B
Phone: 501-526-6730


2014 – 2015 MS (Biostatistics), University of Alabama, Birmingham AL
2001 – 2005 PhD Candidate (Applied Biophysics), Zhejiang University, China
1999 – 2001 MS Student (Applied Biophysics), Zhejiang University, China
1995 – 1999 BA (Agronomy), Zhejiang University, China

Research Interests

Clinical Trials, Survival Analysis, Linear and Generalized Linear Models, Parametric and Nonparametric Analysis, Statistical Programming, Statistical Genetics and Genomics

Current Research Projects

AMC-072: Protective Effect of Quadrivalent Vaccine in Young HIV-positive Males who have Sex with Males
AMC-076: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Infrared Coagulator (IRC) Ablation versus Expectant Management of Intra-Anal High Grade Intraepithelial Neoplasia (HGAIN) in HIV-infected Adults
AMC-084: Screening HIV-Infected Women for Anal Cancer Precursors

Recent Publications

  • Xiao-Fei Chi, Xiang-Sheng Zhou, Qing-Yao Shu (2010). Fine mapping of a Xantha mutation in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Euphytica 172 (2): 215–220.
  • Xiao-Fei Chi, Xiang-Yang Lou, Qing-Yao Shu (2010). Combining DNA pooling with selective recombinant genotyping for increased efficiency in fine mapping. Theoretical & Applied Genetics 120 (4):775–783.
  • Bingde Dou, Beiwei Hou, Haiming Xu, Xiangyang Lou, Xiaofei Chi, Jinbin Yang, Fang Wang, Zhongfu Ni, Qixin Sun (2009). Efficient mapping of a female sterile gene in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).Genetics Research 91 (5): 337–343.
  • Xiao-Fei Chi, Xiang-Yang Lou, Mark C. K. Yang, Qing-Yao Shu (2009). An optimal DNA pooling strategy for progressive fine mapping. Genetica 135 (3): 267–281.
  • Xiao-Fei Chi, Qing-Yao Shu (2008). A study on the formation in the character of gelatinization temperature of rice grains. Chinese Journal of Rice Science 22 (5): 548–550.
  • Xiao-Fei Chi, Xiang-Yang Lou, Qing-Yao Shu (2008). Progressive fine mapping: An improved strategy toward positional cloning. Journal of Theoretical Biology 253 (4): 817–823.