Fei Wan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatisticsfw



Member: American Statistical Association

Contact Information

Office: RAHN 3218
Phone: 501-686-5353
Email: FWan@uams.edu


2015 – PhD (Biostatistics), University of Pennsylvania, – Philadelphia, PA
2009 – MS (Computer Science and Information Technology), University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA
2004 – MS (Mathematics), University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH
2001 – MS (Statistics), University of Vermont – Burlington, VT
1996 – BS (Economics), Nanchang University – Nanchang, China

Research Interests

Causal Inference, Observational Studies, Health Service Research

Recent Publications

  • Jenssen B, Mitra N, Shah A, Wan F, Grande D. (2015) Using Digital Technology to Engage and Communicate with Patients: A Survey of Patient Attitudes. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2016 Jan; 31(1):85-92.
  • Wan F, Mitra N. Bias of Propensity Score Adjusted Non-linear Models (2015) Statistical Methods for Medical Research. (2016) doi: 10.1177/0962280216643739.
  • Wan F, Small D, Bekelman JE, Mitra N. Bias in estimating the causal hazard ratio using two-stage instrumental variable methods. (2015) Statistics in Medicine. 34(14):2235-2265.
  • Rebbeck T, Mitra N, Wan F, Sinilnikova O, Nathanson K. (2015) Association of Type and Location of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations with Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Journal of American Medical Association 313(13):1347-61.
  • Jiang YQ, Prabakaran I, Wan F, Mitra N, Furstenau D, Hung RK, Cao SY, Zhang P, Fraker DL, Guvakova MA. (2014) Vav2 protein overexpression marks and may predict the aggressive subtype of ductal carcinoma in situ. Biomarker Research doi: 10.1186/2050-7771-2-22.